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"Fix you a plate"

- A phrase used to describe a unit of measurement amongst African American communities at lunch or dinner. Usually covered with aluminum foil often seen at barbecues, fish fries, and family functions (see: reunion)
e.g. “Go head and fix you a plate before you go.” (via blackproverbs)

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Hey what's with some of the "white people" stuff, not all white people are racist. Does racism exist? Yes, but not all white people are racist. There are white people out there standing up for mike brown and you still think it's okay to go off on all white people? I just don't understand, can you please explain?


Yes it exists for one. I agree not ALL WHITE PPL BUT Majority of white ppl have the tendencies of being racists even when they think “Oh, no I was just having fun and being goofy *inserts racial joke about POC*” it’s not funny. And good for the white people that are standing up for MICHAEL BROWN! White people have this thing in the back of their head where they have this twisted thought process almost like an sick way of makin us “POC” or “Black women/MEN” feel bad for standing up for ourselves by makin us seem AS if WE are racists which in fact we aren’t. We just will not sit there and forget the shit that y’all ancestors did to us, so in the back of OUR mind we know that so y’all aint slick. We will always “SADLY” be oppressed for being black and it’s so much… other shit that I could go on and on about.


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"Dudes be like “I don’t chase bitches, I chase money.”"

- I be like "Run faster my nigga cuz you still broke." (via sexxxpensive)

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